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About S&F Physiotherapy

We are not your standard Physio practice with some beds, heat packs and tube bands.

Located within the Southside Powerhouse Gym allows access to 2600 square feet of gym space with over 300 pieces quality gym equipment, which are produced by world class manufacturers such as Hammer strength, Watson and Pinatta. This allows us to go above and beyond with your physio and rehabilitation needs. 

Although we have access to such a facility, we place a strong emphasis on "hands on" therapy, utilizing soft tissue techniques, manual therapy, trigger point release and dry needling. 

We don't muck around at Sports and Functional. Whether it's one or two sessions to settle down a lower back spasm, or an in depth rehabilitation program to return you to sports after a Shoulder Dislocation, you name it and we've got you covered at Sports and Functional Physio.

Don't be sidelined because of injury and don't live your life with pain.  Start feeling better, moving better and getting on with your life pain-free!


Whether you want to return to footy, the gym, the garden or be able to sit at work without aches and pains, we've got you covered at Sports and Functional Physiotherapy. 

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