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Falls Prevention & Rehabilitation for Elderly

Physiotherapists play a significant role in falls prevention for the elderly by assessing their physical abilities, identifying potential risk factors, and implementing tailored interventions to improve balance, strength, coordination, and overall mobility. Here are ways in which physiotherapists can help prevent falls in the elderly:

Comprehensive Assessment 

Our Physiotherapist conduct thorough assessments to evaluate an elderly individual's physical condition, balance, gait, strength, flexibility, and overall mobility. This assessment helps identify any existing impairments or risk factors for falls

Individualized Exercise Programs

Based on the assessment results, our physiotherapist design personalized exercise programs that focus on improving strength, balance, and flexibility. These exercises may include activities that challenge stability, enhance muscle strength, and improve coordination

Balance Training

Our Physiotherapists implement balance-specific exercises and training to help older adults maintain or regain their balance. This can involve exercises that challenge equilibrium while standing, walking, or performing dynamic movements

Gait Training

Improving the way an individual walks can significantly reduce the risk of falls. Our physiotherapists work on correcting gait abnormalities and enhancing the individual's walking pattern.

Strength Training

Strengthening exercises, especially for the lower limbs, can enhance stability and reduce the likelihood of falls. Physiotherapists prescribe exercises that target muscles important for maintaining proper posture and stability.

Flexibility and Range of Motion Exercises

Stiff joints and limited range of motion can increase the risk of falls. Physiotherapists include exercises to maintain or improve joint flexibility, ensuring a full range of motion.


Educating older adults about falls prevention is crucial. Physiotherapists provide information on proper footwear, strategies for avoiding risky situations, and ways to maintain overall health.

Fall Technique Training:

In some cases, teaching individuals how to fall safely can help prevent injuries in the event of a fall. This involves techniques to protect the head and avoid fractures.

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